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Indica Seeds

Great for pain relief and relaxation! Explore our collection of indica (and indica-dominant hybrid) seeds.

Strains like:
  • Critical Mass
  • Super Skunk
  • Gorilla Glue

High THC Seeds

High THC strains can deliver pain and anxiety relief pretty quickly. Add some high THC strains to your garden.
Strains like:
  • Sour Diesel
  • Purple Haze
  • Skywalker OG

High CBD Seeds

High CBD strains are a great addition to any grow room. Get all the pain relief and relaxation benefits of cannabis without the psychoactivity with strains like:
  • Critical Mass CBD
  • Harlequin
  • CBD Kush

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

When you buy cannabis seeds online from the best seed banks, you pay the best prices for your seeds! Hundreds of the most popular strains available, from the seed bank you can trust. At this seed bank you get not just high-quality seeds, but also real information and support for experienced growers and those new to the scene.

Known globally for offering high-end cannabis seeds at the best prices, you will love the peace of mind you get from this seed bank. If you don’t hit a certain germination rate, they will make it right with new seeds in your next order. But if you follow their germination instructions, you’ll get a high-yield grow every time.

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Acapulco Gold: Your Seed Bank Resource

Which strains should you buy, and where should buy it from?

That’s the question the team at Acapulco Gold wants to help you answer. Every person is unique, and a strain that works to help relieve pain or anxiety in one person, will not necessarily be a good fit for someone else. Learning what specific terpenes and levels of THC and CBD work best to help with your symptoms is what we do. 

Once you decide on the best strain of cannabis to grow, there are a lot of things you need to then consider:

  • where should you buy your strain from?
  • what seed bank has the best price?
  • how do you grow marijuana if you’ve never grown anything before?

Don’t worry! The team has your back. 

If you’re not yet ready to shop for seeds, check out some more information below that will help answer more of your questions.

More Information on Cannabis Seeds and Strains

Top Marijuana Strains to Grow

The cannabis varieties that people are growing in the US right now vary from place to place, but these strains are hot across the board:

Blue Dream – You can’t hit a dispensary or click on a Leafly article without seeing Blue Dream—probably the most popular strain in the US. This legendary West Coast hybrid delivers a happy high ideal for easing daytime anxiety, depression, chronic body pain, stress, and nausea, without sedation.

Girl Scout Cookies – Those scouts sell real cookies in front of dispensaries for a reason, and this cannabis strain will remind you why. It is a fine balance, at 60% indica and 40% sativa, and an easy grow with powerful effects.

Gorilla Glue – This old school banger of a strain wraps you up in relaxation like the best blankie you ever had. Known for high THC levels of up to 26%, short flowering times, and easy grow experiences, GG4 seeds are a favorite among beginners and experts alike.

Grand Daddy Purple – You don’t think of GDP as someone’s baby, but it is the lovechild of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, making it among the more potent indica cannabis seeds on the market. With a blend of fruity, sweet aromas and flavors these seeds are always a great choice.

Green Crack – Named by everyone’s favorite pothead, Snoop Dogg, and my personal morning go-to, Green Crack has nothing to do with real crack and everything to do with the cannabis version of your morning espresso. A cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani, Green Crack energizes while soothing pain and stress.

Cannabis Seed Collections

Feminized Seeds

White Widow

Bergman’s Gold Leaf

Durban Poison

Autoflowering Seeds



Amnesia Haze

Beginner Seeds

Super Skunk

Maui Wowie

Bubble Gum

Hemp/CBD Seeds

Carmagnola CBD

CBD Kush


Mix Seed Packs

Baked Sweets Mix Pack (GSC Extreme, Candy Kush, Cherry Pie)

Bling Bling Mix Pack (Crystal, Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze)

Berry Mix Pack (Blueberry, Blackberry Kush, Strawberry Cough)

Medical Marijuana Seeds


High THC Strains

Sour Diesel

Purple Haze

Skywalker OG

High CBD Strains

Critical Mass CBD


CBD Kush

High Yield Strains

Big Bud



Cali Classic Strains


LA Confidential


Amsterdam Classic Strains

Jack Herer

Power Plant

Master Kush

Cannabis Cup Winners

Amnesia Haze

Northern Lights

GSC Extreme

Relax Strains

Bubba Kush

Purple Kush


Energy Strains

Jack Herer

Super Lemon Haze


Balance Strains

Agent Orange

Bruce Banner

White Widow

Best Smelling and Tasting Strains

Banana Kush

Pineapple Haze


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

Especially if it’s your first time, the prospect of finding marijuana seeds to buy online is a little scary. No one wants to waste their money, let alone end up in trouble. First time shoppers who order from online seed banks may wonder whether their purchase is legal, particularly if they are in the United States and want to order from international online seed banks.

However, rest assured that if you select the right seed bank, you need not worry. Reliable seed banks are supplying more and more growers across the United States as more states legalize medical and recreational cannabis, and you’ll find that buying marijuana seeds online is totally possible.

Here are the things to look for in an online seed bank:

  • Worldwide shipping, including to the US
  • Discrete and stealth shipping options
  • Reliable customer service
  • Money back/refund policy for poor-quality, damaged, seeds that do not germinate
  • Some recourse for seeds that do not arrive
  • Good selection
  • High-qualitycannabis seeds
  • Multiple payment methods and currencies
  • Discounts, rewards/loyalty programs, and sales
  • Reliable, timely shipping
  • Customer reviews for each strain in each seed collection
  • User-friendly website

The best seed banks all provide these important basics, so never shop from anyone who doesn’t. This way, you’ll naturally eliminate unreliable sources in your cannabis seed shopping.

Seed Bank USA

So, since marijuana itself is so popular among Americans, why aren’t there cannabis seed banks all across the nation? Well, although decriminalization of cannabis technically began in 1973, the modern legalization movement really didn’t start until 1996, and is still in progress. At the federal level, cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning that it is illegal.

Still, legalization is picking up steam, and 33 states have now legalized medical cannabis with a doctor’s permit. This alone has fueled a serious cannabis growing boom.

Most legal states whether recreational or medical have local dispensaries that sell seeds, but many growers get their seeds online. In fact, online seed banks have opened up an entire world of cannabis plant genetics to anyone who wants to get into growing their own bud.

It’s practical to shop locally for marijuana seeds, and you get the added benefit of immediately being able to go home and germinate. However, you’re going to be limited in what you can get locally. You might also be limited by quality, as some of the highest quality seed offerings are found internationally where interference from law enforcement is not an issue.

Marijuana Seeds USA

Obviously, the law surrounding legalization is complicated. It’s always safest to buy marijuana seeds and have them delivered only where it’s legal, so do your research. That said, the best seed banks do ensure that their shipping methods are stealthy and reliable—even in the US.

It is worth noting that there is a long American tradition of growing cannabis, however. In fact, George Washington himself made a few mistakes and turned his hemp into marijuana by waiting too long to remove the male plants—maybe you know the feeling.

It seems ironic, then, that so many American growers would order cannabis seeds online! But it’s part of the tradition at this point—and growers in the US continue to breed new strains of cannabis for the rest of the world, regardless of the federal law.

Cannabis Seeds USA

If you’re new to growing marijuana or you grow outside the United States, you may not realize how different the regions of the country are for growers. Of course many growers use greenhouses or simply grow indoors, but in the US there are several great cannabis growing and harvesting regions:

The Emerald Triangle

The “Emerald Triangle” is the largest cannabis-producing region in the US, located in the northwest corner of California. State authorities estimate that well over 1.7 million pounds of cannabis plants are grown in the triangle annually, thanks to its ideal weather and terrain. Add in the friendly local law and you can see why California is topping the list of cannabis producing American states. (Kentucky and Tennessee are second and third for overall outdoor and indoor production, respectively.)


When it comes to indoor production, Washington ranks second, just behind California. Although much of the state experiences lower levels of sunlight and heavy rain, closer to the Cascades, the outdoor growing prospects improve along with the soil and sunlight. Either way, fast flowering, autoflowering, and sturdier indica strains do well here.


Oregon is a great place to cultivate, especially as an individual who just wants to grow their own cannabis strains. Thanks to so much local growing, actually, prices are lower in Oregon despite serious high quality. (Just another great reason to invest in some cannabis seeds and learn to grow your own.)


You may have heard of Maine blueberries, and this is the other Maine Blueberry, so to speak. Growing conditions in the Northeast aren’t ideal for all strains, but the rich soil and fresh soil can help many hybrids and indicas thrive.

Weed Seed Banks USA

If you’re planning a grow here in the US, it’s good to start early. The outdoor grow season in most of North America is between March and November, so you need to be ready if you won’t be indoors.

Most American growers buy their marijuana seeds online. It’s just much easier access to a massive variety of seeds, and a far better way to go in terms of quality and yield. However, you can’t just order anything you find.

There are a few great seed banks out there, but there are also many marginal operators. They know that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and they know that you have no recourse if they rip you off. That’s why your source matters, and so does reputation.

The best seed banks offer discreet, free shipping, even to the US. They have many high-end cannabis strains to choose from in regular, feminized, and autoflower cannabis seed varieties. Look for lots of verified reviews and evidence of superior genetics over time.

Colorado Seed Bank

Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana in 2012; recreational sales started in 2014. Since that time, the state has seen a tremendous cannabis boom. Now, Colorado residents aged 21 and over can legally buy, possess, use—and grow—cannabis if they have a valid government ID. Many Colorado dispensaries sell cannabis seeds locally.

California Seed Bank

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and 20 years later in 2016 California became a recreational state. By 2018, legal cannabis was the law. Many local dispensaries in California sell seeds.

Oregon Seed Bank

In 2014, Oregon legalized cannabis state-wide, making the Pacific Northwest a legal region after Washington and California started the process. Colorado has also legalized cannabis, with Arizona, Utah, and most of the Western states at least following suit on medical marijuana.

Michigan Seed Bank

Michigan legalized cannabis in December 2018, about ten years after medical marijuana became state law. Today, Michiganders aged 21 and over can possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis at home, and they can also grow up to 12 ounces for personal consumption. Clearly, Michiganders are shopping for cannabis seeks at dispensaries, but they’re also using seed banks.

Where to Find Canadian Seed Banks

Canada legalized cannabis nationwide in 2018, making them just one of four countries to legalize recreational marijuana (the other three are Georgia, South Africa, and Uruguay). In Canada, you can even order your marijuana through the mail! However, the legal age for cannabis changes from province to province and with it your ability to buy cannabis seeds.

Vancouver Seed Bank

The legal age for buying and using cannabis in Vancouver is 19. You can only buy cannabis seeds in Vancouver through an online seedbank or government-sponsored dispensaries. Buying from unauthorized sources comes with serious penalties, so use a reputable online seed bank to avoid the issue altogether.

It’s also legal to grow cannabis at home in Vancouver, and all homeowners can grow up to four cannabis plants. There are some issues with growing outside, but overall, there is a lot of demand for cannabis seeds and seed banks in Vancouver.

Ontario Seed Bank

The legal age for cannabis is 19 in Ontario, and adults 19 or older can only buy from online seedbanks or government-sponsored dispensaries. That doesn’t mean there’s any lack of variety in Ontario—in fact there are hundreds of kinds of seeds to choose from, especially once you hit the online seed banks.

Just like in British Columbia, Ontario residents can grow up to four marijuana plants at home. You can also make your own edibles at home. In Ontario you can even smoke cannabis in public, so long as you are of legal age and tobacco smoking is also permitted there. 

What is the Best Online Seed Bank?

Dispensaries are often a go-to if you like to go in and talk to someone about what you buy, but if you shop dispensaries for your cannabis seeds, you are limited. You’re limited to what’s in stock locally, what’s popular regionally, and what’s possible right now.

Instead, most growers buy their seeds online. It’s more convenient, ultimately more faster, and offers far more choice in terms of marijuana strains. Still, if you’re new to the scene as a grower, buying cannabis seeds online is intimidating. No one wants to blow hundreds of dollars on low-grade weed or even seeds that don’t germinate.

To avoid the heartache, always research seed banks—or just go with the known quantity, right here. There are tons of online sellers, and lots of them come and go. You just can’t trust all of them, and some fall off over time.

Browse through your seed bank as you evaluate them. Do they have a huge variety that’s exciting to you? Are there lots of indica strains, sativa strains, hybrid strains, high-THC strains, other marijuana seeds you want to try? There should be plenty of regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds in different strains.

Also, check their reputation for both genetics and things like service and shipping. The real secret to buying from the best cannabis seed bank online is just knowing which one to trust. This is where the breadth of strains and a seed bank’s ethics come together: reputable seed banks always label their seeds properly to provide full disclosure of genetic details and avoid confusion.

Why Should You Grow Your Own?

In case you hadn’t noticed, at any time a disaster or emergency can disrupt the supply chain. In case your local dispensary doesn’t have what you want, it’s always a great idea to have your own marijuana garden. By keeping your own cannabis seed collection at home, you can grow your favorite strains and harvest them gradually as they mature. This becomes like a cumulative personal rainy day stash—not to mention even better than what you can find on the shelves, if you do it right.

Most Reliable Seed Banks

Although the legal status of cannabis where you are is important, it is also critical to order only from the most reliable seed banks. No one wants their order confiscated by customs, lost, or damaged.

Look for shipping guarantees and stealth options when you are making this assessment. The ability to actually guarantee that customers get what they order is a huge sign that a seed bank can be trusted. And if customer reviews back the fact that a seed bank stands by their products, you know they are reliable.

Another sign of reliability is actually selection. Bigger, more established seed banks have a deeper, higher-quality selection, and it shows. They also have a better time keeping things in stock, typically.

Best Marijuana Seed Bank for Feminized Seeds

Why feminized seeds? It takes a lot of skill to work with regular seeds, for one thing. Nine times out of ten, growers use feminized seeds to improve yields and make harvesting simpler. It’s easier to harvest buds from female plants, and there is no need to maintain or prune male plants with feminized seeds. Female seeds are also just as useful for creating mother plants.

Best Marijuana Seed Bank for Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Why use autoflowering cannabis seeds? Auto seeds are best for growers who can’t access high levels of natural light and cannot manage an optimal indoor growing light cycle. The down side to autoflowering seeds is that they tend to produce less generous yields.

Seed Bank Reviews

There are many online seed bank reviews, but lots of them are bogus. Look for reviews with an objective tone instead of an axe to grind. On the other hand, a perfect, glowing review is also a bad sign and probably a fake.

The best seed banks reveal their own customer reviews. They’re not always perfect, but they give you the overall picture of a successful business and happy marijuana seed buyers. If your site can show lots of authentic reviews from real people who are mostly happy, that’s a win.

Another great reason to read customer reviews is to better assess which cannabis seeds and strains will yield which benefits. If you hope to treat anxiety and stress, manage migraines, fight chronic pain, balance your moods, or battle an appetite disorder, find out what other medical marijuana patients are doing by reading customer reviews at the seed bank. You might just find your ideal strain—and even if you can’t find it locally, you can grow it at home!

Why ILGM Is the Best Seed Bank

ILGM has the best marijuana seeds, bar none. They source high-quality cannabis seeds from renowned breeders from all over the world. You will find marijuana seeds and strains from Spain, the UK, even Australia, the Netherlands, and of course home-grown American varieties as well.

If heavy hitters are your thing, look no further. The cannabis connoisseur who loves the high THC marijuana seeds will not be disappointed. Our Gorilla Glue strain or Amnesia Haze are serious stony powerhouses. If you love a pungent aroma, go for Super Skunk or Cheese. Or if you’re more of a fruity sweet cannabis aficionado, aim for Mango Kush or Blueberry.

Of course, it’s not all mind-blazing banger strains at the best seed bank. There are also some amazing high CBD strains and medical marijuana seeds such as Harlequin and CBD Kush.

If you’re still getting your feet wet as a grower, ILGM is absolutely a total marijuana growing resource, not just your best source of cannabis seeds. This seed bank carries a wide selection of beginner strains and mix packs with strains that are the perfect speed for getting started. But don’t think that means you are sacrificing quality—not even close. Beginner strains here include marijuana legends such as the day-making Maui Wowie, the mind-blowing Northern Lights, and the infamous AK-47.

Even more than that, though, you will find a deep knowledge base on this site that is designed by and for growers. Here you will find yourself part of a worldwide growing community.

ILGM stocks high-quality, collectible breeder seeds, and they also breed their own. They and other serious cannabis breeders have taken the time across generations to develop and focus the best traits in the strains that marijuana users love most. Ranging from THC levels and CBD content, to ability to resist mold, pests, and disease, these strains have been bred to succeed.

This is another reason why there is so much information about germination and growing on the site. They want you to succeed! More customer success grows the community and the happy group of customers. In short, everyone wins.

Beyond all of that, though, at this seed bank you’ll find great deals, special offers, sales, and free seeds. You’ll also get reliable stealth shipping and as many payment options as possible, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Problems to Watch For Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

There are really just a few online cannabis seed banks that carry the highest quality seeds. So who can you trust?

There is a problem in the cannabis seed industry more generally with quality control and ethics, but that’s not about cannabis. That has to do with a lack of oversight, regulation, and enforcement, all of which typically protect consumer rights in other areas.

What will you do if someone sells you seeds and they don’t work? Right.

Anyone can somehow lay their hands on cannabis seeds, name them as if they are an original strain, and start selling them. You can’t stop them, even if it’s your seeds that they’re selling, typically.

That said, it pays to remain vigilant for the following common cannabis seed problems:

  • Shipments with the wrong strains, fewer seeds than you ordered, or no shipment at all
  • Shipments with good quality, name brand seeds that are NOT in their original packaging, such as Brothers Grimm Seeds, Dutch Passion, Norstar Genetics, Sensi Seeds, or Subcool TGA
  • Seeds that are mislabeled or otherwise produce different plants than are described
  • Low seed germination rate
  • “Feminized” seeds that grow hermaphrodites or males
  • Seed breeders who create unstable seeds, seeds that propagate genetic defects, or seeds with phenotypes that don’t match the strain description
  • Seed sellers who won’t replace or refund products
  • Unethical seed breeders and sellers who sell poor quality seeds and then go out of business

How To Get The Best Marijuana Seeds

Don’t worry! It’s easy to buy high-quality marijuana seeds online. Just choose the best seed bank, and stick to these best practices for buying cannabis seeds:

  • For your first purchase from a new seed bank, order the fewest seeds possible. This lets you test the seed quality and the seller’s customer service and shipping.
  • Seeds should always come in original breeder packs.
  • Ask about refunds, stealth shipping to your country, strains, and warranties before ordering.
  • Look at reviews for the seed bank with a critical eye, knowing that many are professionally written. Look to online cultivation forums for more honest reviews.
  • Ask the best growers in your area where they get their seeds from.
  • Always order seeds using identity protection techniques, anonymous credit cards, and cybersecurity stealth shipping. Ship to somewhere other than the grow site.
  • Document seed failures with photographs, including poor germination outcomes, the unexpected occurrence of male or hermaphroditic plants, or plants that are unexpectedly sativa or indica. You can use that proof for replacements or refunds.
  • If you do get ripped off, don’t keep it a secret. Protect the community by telling other growers about the seed bank in cultivation forums.
  • Likewise, pay back great seed banks by telling people in the community that you love them.

How to Order Cannabis Seeds Online

Buying cannabis seeds online is one of the only areas where the buyer is almost completely relying on trust. It’s easy to rip off people who want marijuana seeds, so that’s not in question. But real cannabis growers have lots of questions about ordering seeds online:

  • Will they really ship the seeds I order?
  • Will I get them, or will customs intercept my package?
  • If customs takes my seeds, will I get in trouble?
  • Will my seeds really sprout?
  • Is the plant I grow actually from the strain I ordered, and was that parent plant healthy?

That is all trust and getting to know a great seed bank and seed breeder.

Look for the signs of a good ecommerce shop in the site, such as a secure shopping cart and payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, or cash.

It’s no secret: the best seed banks offer guarantees. ILGM does. They also send you an order confirmation and order number. That’s important in case the order doesn’t arrive and you need to contact the bank, but many seed banks don’t even send them.

Once you’ve ordered and gotten a confirmation, give the order a chance to arrive. The best seed banks ship orders within days of receiving payment, and they notify you when they ship your order.

All of the better seed banks offer “stealth” packaging that typically beats even physical inspections. The packages don’t mention cannabis or marijuana anywhere, inside or out, and the seeds are secreted inside.

With a good guarantee, even if something goes wrong, your seed bank will replace a confiscated package. Typically, it takes approximately 7 to 10 days for packages to arrive in the US from the EU including Amsterdam and the UK.

Once they reach you, keep your seeds fresh to maximize your chances of success. Even if you buy more than you can use at one time, you can use them the next season or even the year after that if you store them properly.

Like many plant seeds, store cannabis seeds in a closed container in a cool, dry place to extend their life. Date and label them—trust us, you’ll forget. You can freeze cannabis seeds for two or more years if you need to, but that does lower your chances of germination.

Choose the best seeds when you are ready to plant. White and green seeds are usually too soft and immature to germinate. If you can squash a seed between two fingers easily, it will not germinate.

Instinctively, every cannabis user is in search of great genes. That’s because we know them when we find them in the form of delicious smelling and tasting weed. The most potent, tasty, fragrant buds come from high-quality seeds with superior genetics.

Even so, there is extensive variation even within the same strain from seed to seed. In other words, how much care you take raising those seeds and the techniques you use certainly matters. It always pays to dig deep into the knowledge base and follow the germination instructions for your seeds.

The best way to guarantee your seeds came from strong and healthy parents that you love to use is to clone or seed your best plant. If that’s not possible, the next best thing is to choose great seeds and breed your own. This kind of control allows you to control the quality of each crop, always improving.

Although ILGM and other great seed banks provide a germination guarantee, it’s not possible for every single seed to germinate in nature. A small fraction of every group of seeds won’t—but the right seed bank will make sure that you get a full batch of seeds that do.

Why do seeds fail to germinate? A host of reasons, including poor storage or other external factors can cause this problem. Always test your new batch of seeds several weeks before planting according to your germination directions. This way you won’t miss your planting window and you will maximize your yield.

Along these lines, we absolutely recommend the ILGM PDF explaining their germination method—it is a must for any new grower. You also need to follow the instructions for them to honor the seed guarantee, but it just makes sense to do it anyway.

Some last notes on reputable seed banks:

  • Always look for worldwide stealth shipping
  • Free re-shipping for lost orders
  • Secure checkout and payment options
  • High quality breeders and seeds
  • Strains that you know and care about
  • Grower knowledge base