420BudExperts.com is Now AcapulcoGold.com

Great news!

420BudExperts.com is now AcapulcoGold.com.

If you’re visiting this page and wondering what happened to the 420BudExperts site you know and love, don’t worry about that thing. We’re all still here: same team, same mission, to bring you the best and most comprehensive information on cannabis strains, how to grow them, and where to buy the best seeds.

Why the Name Change?

A company’s brand name and domain are essential to the identity of the brand. A memorable name is invaluable. An amazing domain name inspires trust, and shows the world both what you stand for, and that you’ve made an investment in your own brand.

What better name for the #1 site on the internet for seed bank and marijuana strain related information than the name of one of the most iconic and well loved cannabis strains ever Ever?

We couldn’t pass up the chance to own this stunning domain name, and we hope it shows our commitment to continue to grow, and invest in this site as the only place you need to go for cannabis information.

What Else is Changing?

We’ve got some amazing content coming soon: more strain reviews, more seed bank comparisons, more in-depth grow guides.

It’s all the great content you’re used to, just turned up to 11.

You can read about Seed Banks, check out some seed collections, or read our blog.

Stay tuned for more, and if you want to get the latest updates on the best pricing for seed banks, sign up to our mailing list:

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