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About AK-47 Seeds

In a nation of 33 medical marijuana states (and counting!), it’s no wonder that AK-47 is a legendary marijuana strain. This euphoria inducing cannabis strain will leave you mellow and relaxed.

So why the in your face name? Maybe in part due to its amazing background, born from several heavyweight landrace strains.

AK-47 seeds produce 65%/35% sativa-dominant effects, including creative euphoria, and a mellow, warm pain relief. Add in high THC levels of up to 20% along with a decent boost of CBD levels up to 1.5% in some varieties and you’ve got a really knockout medical offering, not to mention delightful irony.

AK-47 seeds are nearly sure to deliver the potent effects you hope for, whether autoflowering, feminized, or regular. Think of AK-47 seeds as the gentle giant in the group. They’re happy and mellow, just uplifted and along for the ride. Sure, they’re a bit of a knockout! But they can’t help the way they flowered.

The AK-47 strain was first spotted in the early 1990s in the Netherlands. Since that time, it has swept the world, winning various prizes. In 1999 AK-47 took second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup for best Sativa strain, but it wasn’t done. In 2010 it came back with first place at a Toronto Expo.

With a similar medical, mood-lifting, pain-relieving experience you might get from White Widow, AK-47 is pinier and less fruity. AK-47 offers a slightly more sedating medical experience than Lemon Kush thanks to its higher myrcene content, allowing for more relaxation and insomnia relief, but is not a knockout like, say, Northern Lights.

If you like the happy focus of a Silver Haze, Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, or Purple Diesel but are willing to trade a little of that energetic intensity for pain relief, AK-47 is absolutely your cannabis strain. And if you love the flavor of Bubble Gum but maybe want a little less intense sweetness and a little more earthy pine, these AK-47 seeds are an excellent choice.

You are hopefully getting excited about AK-47 weed seeds at this point like we are, so now you’re hoping to get started with this easy to grow plant. It thrives indoors and in cooler climates, and in a short 8 week flowering phase, these AK-47 seeds deliver dark green flowers tinged with violet covered with brown pistils and trichomes.

AK-47 cannabis seeds produce a yield of up to 14 ounces of buds coated with resin crystals per three by three square feet of growing space, which is great—especially in the context of its short flowering period and high THC levels, these reliable AK-47 seeds are still a value. One word of warning for indoor growers: during the photoperiod, these plants can smell quite pungent!

AK-47 Seeds Taste and Smell

It’s funny to think about something named after an automatic weapon smelling distinctly and deeply of plants, but that’s how it is. AK-47 has a fresh herbal smell thanks to its myrcene dominant profile, and notes of pepper and pine due to the terpenes cacaryophyllene and pinene. This is a strain with a stronger smell, though not an unpleasant one.

In practice this lends AK-47 an earthy, sour, pungent sort of aroma that definitely translates into flavor as well. On the lingering end of the taste you’ll also catch floral, spicy, sweet, and even skunk notes.

Picture of ak-47 strain seeds

AK-47 History and Genetics

This smooth hybrid strain is really a sativa-dominant offering that somehow managed to blend four amazing landrace strains to their best advantages. Afghani landrace on the indica side interplays with Colombian, Mexican, and Thai, landrace varieties on the uplifting sativa end of things for a complex, holistic genetic history.

Growing AK-47 Seeds

In general, sativa strains can be a bigger challenge to grow, demanding more attention, space, and time from a grower. This is one of the main reasons why first time growers keep coming back to AK-47 seeds: they allow you to grow a powerful, sativa-dominant species without that same high level of care and attention. The result is a seriously potent strain with uplifting sativa effects that’s possible for experienced growers and novice growers alike.

AK-47 seeds, whether autoflowering, feminized, or regular, are going to produce hardy plants. They’ll be covered in large, densely structured nugs full of THC crystals. These plants respond well to the SOG method, with good yields.

The best climate for AK-47 plants is fairly specific. They demand plenty of sunlight or indoor light, yet temperatures should be relatively cool. Fresh air is also critical, as bud rot and mold can be an issue—along with a fairly pungent odor during the flowering phase. Humidity and light control will be important to manage.

Best Uses for AK-47 Marijuana Seeds

Perfect for creative pursuits and social outings, AK-47 delivers a long-lasting, predictable cerebral buzz that keeps you engaged and mentally alert. Unlike someone actually toting an AK-47 around, expect to feel happy, relaxed, and chill with your AK-47 on board.

AK-47 is known for a clear-headedness coupled with a truly delightful euphoria. This uplifted effect can help you power through your day or evening, and the buzz from this great strain is known for its long-lasting potency. Although your focus should be decent using AK-47 and you’ll remain mentally alert, don’t be surprised if you find yourself a bit giggly, too.

Medical marijuana patients love this sativa-dominant hybrid, according to customer reviews. The combined THC/CBD effect from this strain means that patients find it helps treat both psychological and physical ailments, and the balance offsets the high THC content somewhat for people who are worried about side effects like paranoia.

Some of the main medical uses for AK-47 weed include: treating anxiety, stimulating appetite, relieving stress relief, battling depression, treating pain including chronic pain, and inducing sleep for people with insomnia.

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