Acapulco Gold News
October 23, 2012

The Acapulco Gold Fall 2012 line is here and this season builds upon our fine AG tradition with the expansion of our headwear program, the continuation of our cut and sew line, and the overall attention to detail that we always bring to Acapulco Gold.  

As always our tees are our way of communicating our state of mind to the masses.  This season we start with a nod to Japanese culture with the Koi Fish Script Tee.  This full color rendition of one of the luckiest fish out there is done in traditional AG Script Style.  Next up, the Geisha Tee continues paying homage to some of the best ladies in the business. We keep it classic 90's with the Sport Tech Tee, while keeping it cutty with the Solider of Fortune tee. We then bring it back to one of our favorite movies of all time "Coming to America" with the Prince of Zamunda tee. And not to leave anyone un-attended we acknowledge all the gold diggers out there with the All for the Money Tee. The Mohammed Speaks tee brings us back to a time when athletes said what was truly on their minds, and finally the Punk is Dead tee reminds us that in the end, mom's always gonna be there for you.

Next up is our World Famous Fleece line-up.  Never to be outdone, this season our fleece is some of the best yet.  The boardy yet soft 420gm. Crossgrain from Canada will keep you warm all season long.  We start with the Cobra Crest Crewneck which is as tough as it's name implies. But don't let the ruggedness fool you, as the subtlety of this full-color screenprint will amaze your eyes, and make others envy your choice.  Next up is the classic Wild Bear 'A' Crewneck which will fit into everyone's wardrobe, whether you want to keep it simple or switch it up a bit, this one will be an AG favorite for years to come.  The AG Swords Pull-over is the perfect blend of Tackle Twill Embroidery and screen-print that follows in our tradition of not settling for the average.  And lastly our Scorpion 'G' Zip Up Hoodie is as fly as they come.  This one will let people know you are an official member of the AG squad and not to be messed with.

Entering the arena in what we're known for, our Headwear game this season is the one of finest yet.  With styles for miles, you'll find it difficult to only get one of each color. First up is our New Eras which are as dope as they come.  The Wild Bear A Fitted combines the best of embroidery with a Felt 'A' applique to give you a quality piece of headwear that seamlessly blends old and new.  For something a little more subtle, try on the Scorpion 'G' fitted and watch your demeanor automatically go from unsure, to confident as can be. AG makes that kind of difference.  

This season our Snapback range continues to surpass the competition.  We scoured the world for fabrics that no one can get there hands on and this season we've outdone ourselves. Our Donnegal Leopard 6 Panel uses high quality imported wool from one of the best mills in the world to get you a hat unlike any other.  The little pops of color highlight the yarn dyed leopard pattern woven into the fabric.  Next up is the Unionized Floral 6 Panel Cap which utilizes an exclusively printed cotton poplin that will set any outfit off with class.  Last but not least is the All-Over embroidered Angry Lo Bear 6 Panel.  Our favorite ruffian is back and he means business. The detail on this cap is reminiscent of our Rottweiller Camp Cap while the Corduroy Visor only adds to the durablity of this classic. For our Camp Cap range we introduce the sophisticated Fair Isle Camp Cap which is made from fine imported Cotton Flannel for the softest, nicest piece of headwear you will own this season.  You won't want to take this one off. Finally rounding off our headwear program is the Milspec Camp Cap which uses a combination of color-blocking with Camo twill to arrive at one of the toughest hats yet.  You can't miss with any of these looks.

Looking towards the colder months, our Knit Beanie program is always an AG standout.  We are aiways take a little extra effort in designing these pieces because we know they get alot of use.  Our Leopard Pom Pom beanie is one of the flyest pieces of knitwear around, and will add that extra pop of color to your look this season. Leave it to AG to take a classic and add that extra touch of class.  The quality of our beanies in unsurpassable, and we make sure that you get that bang for your buck.  Our second offering is The Battlefield beanie which will add a level of ruggedness that you won't find anywhere else. With so much camo out there, it's important for us to always offer the right pattern in the right shades, with that hint of color that differentiates us from the rest.  

Looking at our Cut and Sew range this season gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our sense of style while giving you a look at what to expect from AG as our line continues to grow.  First up is the Scorpion 'G' Baseball Jacket which is made from imported 24 oz. Melton Wool from Canada, with a quilted lining so you know it's made to keep you warm.  We bring the fabric into our local factory where we quality control the whole process and ensure that the Made In The USA fabrication adds to the durability of this jacket. With details like dual chest embroidery, and custom striped rib, the styling of the Scorpion G jacket is at once dressy, athletic, and tough without over powering the rest of your outfit.  For added pop we have created a limited edition Camo Wool version which adds a whole other level to the design.  The fabric is unlike anything you've ever seen and only adds to the collectible nature of this piece.

Next up is The Camo Corduroy Work Pant that is our update on the stodgy old staple in everyone's closet.  A closer look at the fabric reveals a texture and print that you won't find anywhere else.  The Triple Needle Construction, hammer pocket, and contrast Camo pocketing only adds to the detailing of this beautiful pair of pants. Lastly our woven program is blessed with the addition of our Rutherford Plaid Flannel shirt.  As always, we have designed a custom yarn dyed plaid because AG never settles for the average.  Made from 7.5 oz. brushed cotton flannel, we've designed this shirt to be as comfortable as it is stylish.

Acapulco Gold stands for quality in design and craftmanship in everything we do. We thank our customers for continuing to support as we build on our strengths and look forward to a bright future. You can find all of these AG goods available in our shop.

- AG

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