Acapulco Gold News
April 19, 2012

It's been 4 long years since Acapulco Gold stepped foot in the land of the rising sun and it was like we never left. After the Tsunami of 3/11 things have definitely changed, yet Tokyo is still one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Throughout the week we met great people, ate great food, and generally burned a hole in our pocket book.  A definite highlight of the trip included watching people hurl their lunches on the streets in celebration of cherry blossom season which takes on a spring break type atmosphere as companies arrange office outings to sit under the trees and get wasted all day long.  The And Sons "Sons of Silence" event featuring custom painted skulls by many renowned artists was dope and shout out goes to NY native Bluster who put together the event along with the big man and And Sons JP rep Shinsan.  

Our boys at A1/Goodgame/Masterpiece Sounds crew showed us what hospitality really is, and peace goes out to Magachin, Rintaro, and our main man Afra the Human Beatbox.  Respect also goes out to JD, Boochan, Miyoshi, and DJ Safari for being down for AG.  We'll be back in the Fall to continue solidifying AG's presence in JP. So for now, enjoy the photos.  

- AG

Japan18_1793 Japan19_1794 Japan20_1795 Japan_2_1776

CQ from Heshdawgs in Harajuku

Japan_1_1775 Japan_5_1779 Japan_5_1781 Japan_6_1780

Cherry Blossom season is a big deal in Japan.


Miyoshi and Kiku getting ready to chow down.  


Masterpiece Sounds in Full Effect

Japan_9_1784 Japan10_1785 Japan11_1786 Japan12_1787 Japan13_1788 Japan14_1789 Japan15_1790 Japan16_1791 Japan_25_1802 Japan17_1792 Japan_4_1778 Japan_3_1777 Japan23_1798 Japan24_1799 Japan21_1796 Japan22_1797 Japan25_1800

Audi doin' it big


Even their manholes are dope.