Acapulco Gold News
March 19, 2014

For our Spring 2014 Delivery 1 we have brought out some heavy hitters to get your beaks wet with. Our collection is full of the graphic appeal you've come to expect as well as the quality and style you demand from AG. This season we continue to support our city by producing a collection of garments in the New York area. As a good friend of ours once said, AG is in the business of making clothing. Now we make it in our own backyard.

Starting with our tee range, we pay tibute to the 90's by picking apart the moments that defined a generation. From the 41st side of things we see the reality of the streets and how it shapes our lives. On another set we catch the Chef cookin up some beef with the crew. To keep your mind in the right frame we have the Palm Springs Tee with its lightweight effect on the brain. The Payback Tee makes sure your enemies get their just desserts while the 25 to Life tee keeps it criminal minded. Lastly we have the Abstract tee for the design heads out there, we show you a different side of AG.

Our sweatshirt collection features our 420 gm cross-grain fleece with the addition of a new Washed Red color for the season. The Palm Springs pull-over hoody is a great reminder of what's to come, with full color screenprint on the front. The Tech Pocket Crewneck is for those who appreciate the outdoors whether you're in the mountains, or chillin' on the corner. The Fox 'A' pull-over hoody follows up in our fine tradition of original AG mascots. And last but definitely not least the Angry Lo Bear all-over print crewneck is like having that little thug hanging out on a boat off the coast of Nantucket feelin' the breeze. You can feel this too with AG.

It takes AG to do it and our Cut and Sew range for this first Spring drop comes through with style and class. We are proud to produce our Cut and Sew pieces in New York City. Our fits are precise and the garments are assembled using the strictest standards. The Lombardi Coaches Jacket is both casual and stylish with our poly/cotton shell and a brushed cotton lining for weight and softness. This look is both sophisticated, yet athletic enough to stand the test of time. Next Up is the the Enlisted Utility pant which features a pleated front stash pocket and 100% Cotton Twill which gets nicer with every wear. Available in Dark Tigerstripe, WW2 Bubble Camo, and Olive Nyco. Assmbled in NY they are as authentic American made as it gets.

All these looks are all available in our webstore now. Be on the look out for our full Spring 2014 Look-Book, available next week and will feature our the entire Spring 2014 line, including drop 2 which is coming in early April. Thanks for your continued support.


- AG

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