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Super Silver Haze SSH seeds are ideal for that long-lasting, energetic body high. Here’s where to buy Super Silver Haze regular, Super Silver Haze feminized, and Super Silver Haze auto-flowering seeds online. Find free seeds, real customer ratings, and secure checkout at the best online seed bank.

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About Super Silver Haze Seeds

Going back to the day with some Super Silver Haze! Yes, this is a classic 1990s sativa strain that offers a seriously psychedelic, thought-provoking high. In fact, Super Silver Haze took first at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

If you want to know why bother with an old school strain from the 90s, the day this review got written exactly explains why you need to try Super Silver Haze.

You know how it feels when, no matter what, you just can’t get or stay productive? No matter what you try, focus just doesn’t come. You’re motivated, alright, and there’s a lot you want and need to get done. It’s just that the dreaded mid-afternoon slump is kicking you into submission.

Super Silver Haze to the rescue. Banish that blah mindset for the day, at least. This is the reefer that will pick you up, dust you off, and get you back on track—only more energetic, focused, euphoric, and uplifted than before.

Super Silver Haze seeds produce 80%/20% sativa-dominant effects, including a surprising burst of energy that is usable and focused. With high THC levels of at least 18% and low CBD levels of less than 1%, Super Silver Haze provides a notably psychoactive and stress-busting experience.

Super Silver Haze seeds are probably not the first time grower’s best choice. Take this strain on when you’re ready for more maintenance and care, and have some more skills to deploy to create some high quality product.

The Super Silver Haze strain itself isn’t that sickly sweet type of strain—no kiddie stuff here. This is more of a complex, multi-layered aroma and flavor experience that keeps hitting you over time with citrus and herbal, peppery notes.

Super Silver Haze has a lot in common with the very joy-inducing strains Strawberry Cough and Jillybean, but offers more in the way of all-day focus in place of mellow social vibe energy. And if you want to feel uplifted and improve your mood yet remain relaxed and in control of your day, choose Super Silver Haze over, say, Chocolope or Lamb’s Bread. 

Super Silver Haze has some similar medical benefits to White Widow, but with less appetite stimulation. Super Silver Haze offers a lot of the same properties of its close relative, Silver Haze, only with even more energy—so if fatigue or ADHD are issues for you, take note.

Super Silver Haze Taste and Smell

super silver haze seeds flower bud

The smell of Super Silver Haze cannabis is of course familiar as it is classic weed, but it is also a great surprise. Without any hints of candy-like, sweet flavor, this is a strain filled with terpenes and complex notes that appeal to multiple senses at once. Expect diesel, earth, sage, skunky, and spicy notes to capture your attention along with sour, herbal, fruity, and citrus flavors that linger on the palate.

At first this plant appears more green with pastel, colorful accents, but once that resin comes in, you’ll understand the silver part of the name. That frosty, snow- or sugar-coated look to the buds will make you a believer.

Super Silver Haze History and Genetics

Super Silver Haze boasts a truly knockout genetic lineage from three well known heavy hitters: the indica strain Northern Lights, the classic sativa strain Haze, and the lovely balanced hybrid Skunk #1. This family history has in turn gone on to foster lots of amazing new strains itself, such as Jack Haze and Silver Lemon Haze.

Growing Super Silver Haze Seeds

Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds, whether feminized, autoflowering, or regular, are not for first time growers or absolute beginners—although the benefits of these plants most definitely make them worth a try for others. The strain takes effort, especially to develop truly epic nugs, although indoor or green house growers tend to do better.

This is because all flowering types of Super Silver Haze tend to be susceptible to mildew, disease, pests, and mold. Indoors where it can get the most attention and where the careful grower can manage the humidity is really the best place for this cannabis strain to thrive. The strain responds well to trimming and SCROG techniques.

The flowering period for Super Silver Haze seeds is around 9 to 11 weeks. Super Silver Haze flowers are woven with copper pistils, pyramid shaped, and covered in trichomes. The later you harvest the colas, the more likely you are see more a resinous, silvery sheen.

Like many sativa strains, Super Silver Haze plants grow tall, so be sure you have ample clearance. These are excellent green house seeds, just make sure you have the room; don’t cramp them. In terms of yield, under the right conditions, this ganja will not be a high yield strain, but harvest time will still produce a moderate 16 ounces of very resinous buds with a nice THC content.

Here’s a great video showing the lifecycle of growing Super Silver Haze seeds.

Best Uses for Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

The effects of Super Silver Haze are highly sought after because they are both relaxing and stimulating; they are, somehow, calmly energizing, which makes for perfect focus. Yes, you will achieve a long-lasting, intoxicating body buzz with Super Silver Haze, but the more notable effect will be the razor-sharp attention you maintain on whatever has captured your attention.

Creative pursuits and introspective ideas find currency in the mind boosted by Super Silver Haze. And it isn’t just creatives, but also thought leaders and business people who like this strain’s ability to reduce stress while enhancing productivity and communicative abilities.

No jitters, paranoia, or anxiety here. In fact, you’ll have less trouble with Super Silver Haze than espresso so long as you watch your intake.

Now, this is not your nighttime Netflix and chill strain, nor is it likely to help cure you of insomnia. No, Super Silver Haze late at night is a bad idea if you’re after rest-inducing effects. If you’re up for an all-nighter, though? Perfect!

Medical marijuana customer reviews reflect that patients love Super Silver Haze to treat depression, neuropathic pain, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, chronic pain, and migraines.

In short, Super Silver Haze is a now-classic sativa strain with fantastic mood-lifting and medical benefits.

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