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Super Skunk seeds are tremendously popular, for good reason. They are predictable, reliable, and produce well known, 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid effects. Overall effects of Super Skunk are deep relaxation plus euphoria, without too much clouding of the thoughts.

Super Skunk seeds were developed specifically for old school skunk lovers and they do not disappoint. An Indica Cannabis Cup winner, the strain is ideal for experts and first time growers alike, with an amazing yield and short flowering time.

Plant Super Skunk seeds to grow medium sized plants with abundant yields. The dense, heavy buds are fairly spot-on for a typical indica-dominant strain, but they stand out thanks to their aromatic, bold, pungent terpenes and heavy resin profile. This strain is especially friendly to beginner growers, as it is low maintenance and incredibly reliable.

With THC levels of up to 20% and very little CBD, Super Skunk delivers potent, deeply relaxing effects. Still, that buzz is lightened up by the sativa genetics in these seeds, ensuring you get that deep body stone you’re looking for without dropping into a stupor.

I reach for Super Skunk when I really want to wind down in the evening—but I’m not quite ready to be done for the night. If I just wanted to pass out, I might choose Blueberry or Afghani instead. About as stoney as Northern Lights, Blackberry Kush, or Grape Ape, but just a little more sociable. Just right for a night when someone else is around too and you want to be able to make conversation.

Super Skunk Taste and Smell

Super Skunk has the potent scent it is named for, and its strong, ammonia-like aroma is notable. If you smoke or vape it outside, neighbors may wonder what you’re up to—and that goes double for growing it inside as harvest approaches. Super Skunk’s terpene profile is deeply pungent, aromatic, and earthy—this one you smell coming and taste afterwards.

Still, whether feminized or autoflower, Super Skunk seeds don’t create a plant that smells like a skunk, per se. It’s more akin to the odor of an aged cheese or fungus—something sharp, but a little sweet, too. The overall effect is a stellar mix of sour, sweet, savory, and tangy smells and flavors from the strain, with skunk, citrus, and earthy notes dominating in that order. In fact, this is what makes Super Skunk smell unique compared to other skunk strains: its citrusy smell and taste.

The cured, dense buds produce a less intense version of the original scent and taste, but the flower loses nothing in the process. You’re going to love how sweet and clean anything called “skunk” can taste with these marijuana seeds.

Super Skunk Strain History and Genetics

What do you get when you take parent strain original Skunk #1 and backcross it with powerful Afghani genetics from the hash plant family? Ask Sensi Seeds, who got Super Skunk, a robust, super potent, predominantly indica dominant cannabis hybrid.

Super Skunk isn’t just a successful hybrid; it’s also a high quality, fast flowering breeder. Two well-known children of the cannabis strain are Super Snow Lotus and Kahuna–both of which retain at least some of that classic skunk aroma.

Growing Super Skunk Marijuana Seeds

super skunk marijuana seeds plant

Super Skunk flowers extremely quickly, in seven to nine weeks. Ideal harvest season is September and October. Once flowering commences, the colas develop and grow very rapidly.

The flowers look like you’d expect an indica strain to appear: large, dense, heavy, and laden with trichomes. They sometimes progress so fast that you can see major growth day to day. The bright green, fat, round buds are spiky, with big, pointy, resinous calyxes that yield up to 20% THC content levels.

Sturdy Super Skunk plants are compact, with thick stems and heavy branches. Indica-dominant genetics mean these plants rarely exceed height, which is a bonus for indoor growers. Of course the compact size of the plant and its short vegetation period is linked; increase yields by extending the vegetation phase.

Super Skunk seeds are ideal for growers at any experience level. Super Skunk feminized seeds are perfect for those who are new to the game and only want female plants, and Super Skunk autoflower seeds are a good option for anyone who can’t manage light as closely as they’d like. Overall, this is a great strain for beginners, as it is easy to manage, adaptable to different environmental conditions, and vulnerable to few diseases.

Seasoned growers with optimal conditions can reliably harvest up to 21 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter of plant from Super Skunk seeds—in a fast growing cycle, to boot. Super Skunk responds well to most techniques more experienced cannabis growers might use to boost yields, such as fimming, lollipopping, and topping, and as all of them.

Although Super Skunk marijuana seeds may yield slightly less indoors, as they miss the Mediterranean sunshine they evolved to soak up, even inexperienced growers can anticipate generating large yields as the strain is well-suited to cultivation under lights indoors or in greenhouses. Wherever they are housed, adequate airflow is essential for growing Super Skunk cannabis seeds, especially toward the end of the flowering period.

Best Uses for Super Skunk

The moderate, smooth effects from Super Skunk will keep you feeling very relaxed and tranquil, but not completely out of it. Many Super Skunk fans describe its effects as a melange of deep relaxation and uplifting contentment.

It’s that dominant indica background supposedly that lends that sense of calm, and the sativa boost that offers the euphoric lift. In other words, you get that strong, full-body high you want, with some balance from Sativa genetics to keep you in control of yourself, reasonably clear-headed, and aware of your surroundings.

This one is fun for when you want to take things way down, but still be a little social. This is a mellow strain, but you’ll still find yourself chatting and laughing.

According to customer reviews, medical patients often use Super Skunk to relieve aches, anxiety, cramps, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, spasms, stress, and tension. This strain produces a potent feeling of relaxation emanating from the body outward, making it excellent for stress-relief yet pleasant and uplifting. Some cancer patients also use Super Skunk to stimulate appetite.

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